Kountry Star Gets New Paint



While in our 2nd week in Mexico we saw some motor homes and trailers in pretty bad shape (paintwise) getting painted while sitting out in the RV Park.  In spite of the conditions....wind, sand, salt air.....the final results turned out looking so good.  We asked for an estimate to do ours, both dollars and time.  The price couldn't be passed up and we were told it would take 5 full days, maybe 6 to do the job, so we agreed.  We had already planned to stay another week, so decided to extend another and get the job done.

Below is a pictoral following of the job.  We are immensely pleased with the final result.  We did have to stay in Mexico a full month to get it finished as it may have only been 6 full days of work, but when they work on it 2 hours and leave to come back manana, it takes longer.


Our main painter was "Antonio" he had as helpers at different times a girl (we never knew her name), the old man (we learned he was another Antonio) and Juan.  All better at some things than others.  None as good as Antonio the painter, and none as industrious as he.  Antonio's "work car" belies his ability.  He is an artist, but the car is suspect.

The girl taking off the decals

Antonio (on the right) with Juan

The old man

Antonio's work car

He says he has a new van for his "regular" car


The stripes were decals that had deteriorated from the years in the sun.  They were very faded, cracked and peeling off.  The gray part was so sun faded it was very dull, and if you tried to buff it, the gray wore thru.  Some damage created by us, some it had when we bought in 2003.  All in all, many dings, nicks and other things that gave this coach the character it had.  A gouged bumper, a replaced fender that was never painted, cargo door damage, a new hot water heater that required the door be changed and it was never painted and so on.....

Driver's side "before"

Cracked & peeling decals

Original decal stripes and colors

What they had become

Bumper dings

Door panel replaced after damage, new hot water heater door

New fender needs painting


Some shots of taping off, primering, actual painting, with clear coat and removing the tape while the job was being accomplished....you can imagine the wind speed by looking at the palm tree in a couple of the pictures.



We area so pleased with the final outcome.  In spite of painting outdoors, sometimes in gale force winds, the finish is smooth and the coach has a "new" look. 

New stripes

Wow...the back end has no dings or damage repairs

Such a nice finish now



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