Kitchen Before & After

When we moved into this house in January of 1998 we intended to replace the formica counters in the kitchen.  The existing ones were normal kitchen equipment when the house was built in 1986, but now were scratched and stained.  In looking for granite for a wet bar update in 2002, we decided to do the same stone in the kitchen too as they are close together.  We have put it off several times because of money and we kept updating other things.  You know you can't just do the counters.  You have to do the sink, cooktop, faucet, backsplash and it just keeps adding up.  Now we are getting ready to sell the house and the kitchen looks tacky, so we are doing it for the sale.  Hopefully we will get a little use from it before we leave. 

Moss Ridge Kitchen BEFORE Moss Ridge Kitchen AFTER


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