Fiji Islands 2003
This was the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime that we couldn't let pass by.  We traveled 11 hours from LAX to the island of Vitu Levu in the island republic of Fiji.  From there we rode 2 hours in a bus and 45 minutes on a boat to get to the Marlin Bay resort on the island of Beqa (pronounced mBenga).  True to our expectations, this was the trip of a lifetime.  The native Fijians are some of the most kind and gentle people we have ever encountered. Our interaction with them is what made this trip so very spectacular.  The resort was beautiful beyond belief and the diving was spectacular.  Would we do it again?  Absolutely, but we might need to win the lottery.  Those airline tickets are a bunch!!


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Fiji Islands 2003
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The Travelers

Below is the resort front and the people we went with.  Our family group consisted of Don & Donna, Don's sister Nancy & husband Dave, Dave's sister Becky & husband Buddy.  In addition, we met up with our friend Lolly Warren from South Africa who we first met in the Bahamas in 2002.  All of us went with a larger group from Nancy & Dave's local dive shop. These were new people to us, but a good group as we got to know them thru the week. At the resort we were greeted with a song and sent off with one too. 

Waiting for the boat to take us to the island

We are so primed for this vacation

The welcoming committee

Our Family Group

The whole group

View of the beach

View of a Fiji Sunset

Another delicious dinner

Nancy & Dave at dinner

"Chief" Tony

Our Room

Below are some shots of our accommodations.  Our Bure (bungalow) was situated over a lagoon filled with koi.  The area is so lush with tropical plants it is just beautiful.  The interior shots didn't turn out, but suffice to say it was luxurious...poster bed, marble floors and bath, a 5 x 10 ft. marble walk-in shower, living and sitting area.  This was the beginning of the rainy season and we weren't disappointed.  It rained every day we were there, however, it didn't impair any of our activities or interfere with the enjoyment. The rain seemed a part of the atmosphere.

Approaching our bure

Don coming out the front door

View from the bridge

The frog sentinels

The koi looking for food

View to the right

View to the left

The Fijian People

Approaching one of the villages by boat

Kids playing at the school

Children lined up. They sang to us.

The kava ceremony

Making preparation for the firewalking


Village girl

Girl from Raviravi

Fierce warrior dance

Dance and Song

Warrior pulls Nancy & Donna into dance


LINKS....Some info on Fiji, diving, the Marlin Bay resort and others


Scuba Pics

Buddy on the boat

Dana talking to Tony

Dave between dives

Dave & Joe

Don at a safety stop


Swim thru...Don on the left

Anemone & Clown Fish

Looks like Nemo's dad

Anemone & tiny fish


Pink anemone fish

Anemone fish

Another pink anemone fish

Other Fish

A clown trigger fish


Masked Banner Fish

Lion Fish


A Moorish Idol. Remember Gill?

Pink fish

Spade fish



Corals and crinoid

Red coral

One hard coral

A different hard coral

Soft red coral up close

Sea fan

Various soft corals

Soft red corals



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