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Port Aransas 2006
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In May we met some friends at Port Aransas, TX.  We stayed in the Pioneer RV Resort once again.  A great RV park right at the beach.  We are hoping it stays open.  We loafed a lot, ate great sea food, watched the birds, visited the USS Lexington aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi and walked on the beach. 

The place we stayed

Mr. Heron

Flying away

Spoonbills courting

Whistling Ducks courting

The pelican family

One day we drove into Corpus Christi and visited the aircraft carrier the USS Lexington.  A worthwhile trip.

John & Jill's dogs, Anna, Gus & Elsa loved walking on the beach.  Especially when they got to RUN.....


Too much seaweed & jellyfish to go in the water.

Seaweed & Portugese Man-O-War

Lots of great seafood and fellowship

Lots of great dinners

Mmmm shrimp on the barbie

Sunset & moonrise


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