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We missed diving in Bonaire last year (snorkeled only) and haven't been diving in almost 2 years, so we were ready for this trip.  We had 3 weeks and flew out of Houston at midnight Friday, May 12th. 


We stayed again at the Bonaire Village Villas this year.  A lot has changed on Bonaire this year.  There are 3 new houses built across the street and a new round-a-bout instead of the left turn to get there.  Some restaurants closed, some new ones opened.  But much of Bonaire, the same as we remember.

Our front yard lizards are different, but act the same.  One male and 8 or 9 females.  We aren't sure why they bond this way because he doesn't provide for them.  They all fight over food, but he limits any access other males have to these females.  I guess it's a guy thing.  We did have 3 iguanas  living in the yard.  One very large male, one medium sized female and this small male we have pictures of drinking.  The 2 guys were always after her.  When we ran water to wash our gear they were always around and when we were feeding fruit to the front yard lizards they were ready to eat.


We got to dive this year thankfully.  We had a great time.  Unfortunately Don didn't get the 2 sets of o-rings for the camera housing in the luggage, so he was camera-less.  However Donna shared, so the pictures were all taken with the little camera, but we both took an equal amount. 

We saw a bit of everything including a frog fish, a seahorse, turtle, a remora that loved us for a whole dive and a great variety of other fish & creatures and some of just great scenery.  A bunch of pictures...




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