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Pomona trip 2006
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In March we went to the FMCA rally in Pomona, CA.  No pictures of Pomona, but of course we had to stop places on the way out and on the way back.

  • Ft. Huachuca
    • We stopped in AZ to visit some friends that showed us thru the Fort and surrounding territory.


  • A Night in the Desert
    • On the way to California we stopped for the night in the desert.  No RV park, just pull off into the desert.  This was a first for us but we think the beginning.  At least a half mile from the closest person.  Sitting in our chairs drinking wine we watch the moon rise over the mountains as the sun sets behind us.  Breathtaking.


  • Big Bend Ranch State Park
    • Down the road from Big Bend.  We hiked thru Closed Canyon.

    Us in front of the Rio Grande

    The hike thru Closed Canyon begins

    The canyon narrows

    The views are great

    And it narrows some more

    A class of 42 climbing back out. We waited....

    The way becomes very steep & narrow



  • Big Bend National Park
    • Our 3rd trip.  This time we loafed mostly.  Shared the campsite with a variety of creatures.  Each one did their best to entertain us.

    The javelina family arrives

    Just munching around the campground


    Many of these here

    Let me pose for you

    Vermillion flycatcher

    Rio Grande Village Campground

    Blooming cactus

    The Rio Grande at this campground

    Gophers all over our campsite

    Check out these teeth

    Isn't she lovely

    Especially up close



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