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We left for Bonaire this year from Atlanta airport, flying Delta direct to Bonaire.  We left our home parked in front of Nancy & Dave's house and Katie stayed there while we were gone and fed Shadow. 


We stayed again at the Bonaire Village Villas this year.  The place is much the same, but as always we had some different house guests and visitors than in past years.

We saw this guy the first night, but lots of his siblings were around too.

Yellow warbler

This magnificent male kept his harem hopping and came to look for food every time we sat on the gallery

Bananaquit (Sugar Bird)

Troupial, a striking orange with blue around his eye

What a specimen this guy is

A few donkeys still roam free.

What a tree

What a tree this used to be

The Divers...

Just some candid shots of us both diving and other places...


Great Sunsets...


Some special fish/creatures...

As always, we  have lots of fish, coral & creature pictures.  Some good and some great.  Will try not to duplicate where we have good pictures already, but some of these were different or special in their own way. 


A very special little guy

On the move

Running to hide

Displaying proudly

Hiding behind a branch

Just can't hide anywhere

I'm smiling, I'm smiling

I'm a special guy

Under the pier...

The pier often had large undulating schools of fish and predators looking to eat.  Always was impressive.

Red Lipped Blennies...

Cute little fish that scurry about using their front fins like legs/feet.  Red "lips" and antennae that look like long eyelashes. They're tough to get a good picture of, but we tried





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