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Trip to Quartzsite 2006
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We went to Quartzsite, AZ once again this year.  Actually we started before Christmas in 2005 and this trip just continued into the new year.  A great trip of at least 6 weeks.

  • John & Jill
    • Here we visit friends John & Jill at their home and they come with us to Garner State Park.  What a beautiful place we stayed at, Parkview Riverside RV Park.

    John & Jill at their home

    Hiking in the park with the puppies

    What scenery

    John over the cliff.....just kidding

    Frio River

    Frio River

    What a view


  • Big Bend
    • Our 2nd trip here.  We hiked every day and know we will come back again.   

    Our 2nd trip to the park

    This hike starts at the Rio Grande

    A little oasis

    Along the river

    Another oasis

    The Mule Ears walk takes us behind the "ears"

    We hike the Top of Burro Mesa trail

    The wash is dry

    ....and long

    We go a little down then a little up

    Don found a hill to climb

    Made it to the top

    At the pour off cavern

    End of the trail at the pour off

    Now the climb back out

    First we cross the water to hike the Santa Elena Canyon

    What a beautiful walk

    See where we are going? ....look up

    The canyon is deep

    Rio Grande

    Tuff Canyon

    The bees were the only things we saw in the canyon


  • Quartzsite
    • We met old friends & new friends here.  More fun that last year.  Hope this will continue to be a trip we can take.

    Sam telling his story

    Steve & Jane Harrie


    Jim Epting

    Enjoying the crowd


    Mike Garner

    Steve Bloom

    Greg Pyros

    Norm & Linda Payne

    Jim & Pat Godward

    Barbara & Lee


  • Carlsbad
    • We never tire of the cave.  A most awesome place.   


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