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Went to Bonaire with Donna having suspected pneumonia and taking antibiotics & steroids.  Unfortunately this didn't let us dive as Donna was never able to breathe well enough to safely dive.  So....when you can't dive, you snorkel. 

Not many bigger things, but the best of our snorkel pics below.

Out of the water, there were some interesting things too.

This young flamingo seemed lost from his clan. He hung around a while and we hope he found mom & dad before it got late.

We found this guy out at one of the dive sites hoping for a hand out.

This little threesome (wink, wink) was in our back yard at the duplex. They nailed her at every opportunity. She was bigger, but it didn't matter.

So glad they didn't round up ALL the wild donkeys.

Out geocaching and this was the view. A good one.




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